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Returning Home: The Importance Of The Post Venture Period For Young People

In depth African adventures are life enhancing journeys for every participant, and life changing for some, offering unique opportunities to be immersed in different cultures, wild locations, and differing ways of life. The period back home following the venture is a crucial component of the entire trip and shouldn't be neglected. This post-venture phase is vital for reflecting on experiences, integrating new perspectives, and leveraging the knowledge gained.


This blog gives suggestions on how participants can articulate their experiences, and access related education, training, employment, and voluntary work opportunities.



1. Reflection and Integration

Deepening Understanding: Reflecting on their experiences helps participants internalise what they have learned both outwardly and inwardly. This period allows them to process their thoughts and emotions, leading to a deeper understanding of the cultures they encountered.

Personal Growth

Post-venture reflection fosters personal growth. Participants often return with a broader worldview and a greater appreciation for diversity. This can enhance empathy, adaptability, and critical thinking skills.


2. Articulating Experiences

Effective Communication: Learning to articulate their experiences clearly and thoughtfully helps participants in various aspects of their lives. Whether writing essays, giving presentations, or engaging in discussions, the ability to convey what they learned is invaluable.


Networking:  Sharing experiences with peers, mentors, and professionals can open doors to new opportunities. It helps in building a network of individuals who value cross-cultural experiences.


3. Access to Education, Training, Employment, and Voluntary Work

Relevant Education and Training: The experiences gained can guide participants towards specific academic and training programmes that align with their newfound interests and passions.


Employment Opportunities: Employers often value applicants with international experience. It demonstrates adaptability, cultural awareness, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.


Voluntary Work: Many organisations look for volunteers with international experience. This can provide further opportunities for personal and professional development.


1. Journaling

Daily Reflections: Encourage participants to maintain a journal before, during and after the venture. This helps capture their immediate thoughts and feelings, which can be valuable for future reflection.


Themed Essays: Writing essays on specific themes or experiences can help in organising thoughts and drawing deeper insights.


2. Multimedia Projects

Photo Essays: Combining photographs with written narratives can be a powerful way to convey experiences.


Videos and Documentaries: Creating short films or documentaries can help participants share their journey visually and emotionally.


3. Presentations and Discussions

School Presentations: Encouraging participants to present their experiences to their peers can help in honing their public speaking skills and sharing valuable insights.


Discussion Groups: Facilitating discussion groups where participants can share and reflect on their experiences with others who have had similar journeys.



1. Education and Training

Specialised Courses: Participants can enrol in courses related to African studies, wildlife conservation, environmental courses, life sciences, international relations, or global development and many others to build on their experiences.


Workshops and Seminars: Participating in workshops and seminars focused on cultural competence and international experiences can provide additional learning opportunities.


2. Employment

Internships: Many organisations offer internships that value international experience. Participants should seek out internships from local NGOs, international corporations, and government agencies.


3. Voluntary Work

Volunteer Programmes: Many volunteer programmes seek individuals with international experience. These programmes can provide further opportunities and personal growth.


Community Service: Encouraging participants to get involved in local community service can help them apply the skills and knowledge they gained from the community and conservation components of their venture.



The post school venture period is a crucial phase for participants, offering them the opportunity to reflect, articulate, and build on their experiences. By engaging in thoughtful reflection, creating meaningful projects, and accessing relevant educational and career opportunities, participants can transform their travel experiences into lifelong assets.

Encouraging and supporting participants through this period ensures that the lessons learned abroad continue to influence and inspire their future endeavours.

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