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Battles of KwaZulu Natal

Anglo-Zulu War   11 January – 4 July 1879
Battle of Isandlwana | 22 January 1879
Battle of Rorke's Drift | 22-23 January 1879
Battle of Intombi River | 12 March 1879
Battle of Hlobane | 28 March 1879
Battle of Kambula | 29 March 1879
Battle of Gingindlovu | 2 April 1879
Battle of Eshowe Siege | 22 Jan. – 3 April 1879
Battle of Ulundi | 4 July 1879
Second Boer War 11 October 1899 – 31 May 1902
Kimberley Siege | 14 Oct 1899 – 15 Feb 1900
Battle of Ladysmith | 30 October 1899
Battle of Colenso | 15 December 1899
Battle of Spion Kop
 | 23–24 January 1900
Battle of the Tugela Heights | 14–27 Feb 1900
Mafeking Siege | October 1899 to May 1900
“ 08:05 - Staff Officer Sir, a report has just come in saying the Zulus are advancing in force toward the left front of camp ”

Lt Col Pulleine | Isandlwana | 22nd January 1879


The Battle of Isandlwana

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The Battle of Rorke's Drift

The Zulu Trail

Developed by AWT and our in-country partners, the objective of The Zulu Trail Expedition is to travel to the rich and diverse biospheres and remote areas of the KwaZulu Natal Province on the eastern seaboard of South Africa:

Complete our challenging 5 day, 100km, Zulu Trail following what we believe is an ancient route from the old Zulu iron smelting sites on the Tugela River to the Anglo-Zulu War battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift.

Hike the Fugitives Trail from Isandlwana battlefield to the Buffalo River, following the route British soldiers took that fateful day in 1879.

Zulu Trail #1

KwaZulu Natal
Battlefield Sites

KwaZulu Natal is peppered with battlefield sites from the Anglo-Zulu & Boer Wars.

AWT as put together various itineraries for your group to experience the locations, as well as the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of British, Boer, and Zulu soldiers.

You will visit the memorial locations from both sides of the wars, and hear the stories brought to life by our exceptional historians.

Zulu Trail #2
The Zulu Trail (2).png
Zulu Trail 2.png
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