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Personal Development 

The physical health and mental health benefits of travel

and spending meaningful time in nature is vital as we escape our day-to-day lives for a moment, experience new places, challenge ourselves in ways we cannot at home, and understand more about our own capabilities through a variety of appropriate nature-based activities and experiences. 

                                            Physical and Mental Health Benefits

•    Increased confidence, self-reliance, initiative, loyalty and a sense of service to others.
•    Increased feelings of wellbeing, gratitude, mindfulness and reflection.
•    Increased enthusiasm for learning outside and a greater understanding of personal capabilities.
•    Increased understanding and appreciation of cultural differences through preparation, meaningful contact and  project delivery

•    Reducing feelings of tension, stress and anxiety through meaningfully accessing nature, learning new skills and feeling more capable.
•    Increased physical health through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the provision of opportunities for physical development.
•    Increased personal safety by encouraging self-awareness, respect and risk management through managed exposure to challenging environments.
•    Modelling good citizenship by involvement in local communities, and the encouragement of positive community contribution.
•    Increased future economic well-being by enhancing job prospects, through hard and soft skills learnt and recorded in CV & CPD information.

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