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+44 (0)7932 327 534

Africa Wild Trails Director and Senior International Venture Leader, Angus Wingfield, has 20 years of experience planning, managing, and delivering a wide range of international ventures, research and expeditions. 

If you are new to the tour operator world, or keen to have input from a colleague in the same field, please contact Angus directly to arrange a phone call or online/offline meeting.

House in Guinea Bissau

Achieving High Standards

If we only have people on our ventures for a moment of their lives, we better make sure it is the best possible experience they can have. How can we improve our standards?

There's always a way we can  improve our standards


Preparing Groups

Preparation is incredibly important, and AWT will

always try to ensure all areas of preparation are covered prior to a group's departure. 

Excellent preparation
prevents poor performance

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Venture Logistics

An exceptional operation should have exceptional logistics, ensuring the very best organization enables the very best delivery. Is your operation excepetional?

Do your leaders enjoy the detail?

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Operating Procedures

Developing step-by-step procedures for your operation can be daunting but is nevertheless key to the smooth the running of every area of your ventures, and key to achieving higher standards. 

Enjoy the detail and
the results will be exceptional

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Working With
Challenging Young People

Never shy away from delivering for challenging young people, Work with an inspirational positive role model, prepare well, and deliver a diverse and inspirational venture. 

Trust the process you put in place
and the ability of a well prepared group

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