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The Best Trail Food and Snacks For Your Next Trip

You have chosen your next trail destination, booked the necessary travel arrangements, and packed up your kit. All set? Not so fast...

Like handpicking the perfect kit and clothing for your trip, it is critical to ensure that you have packed up enough snacks to keep you going during the venture.

While it is easy to think of chocolate bars, crisps and biscuits etc as the definition of snack, choosing the right type of snacks should be well thought through.  

Your trail snacks should be nutritious, easily packed, and have a balance of the nutrients required to get you through your activity. 

Your snacks should have an optimal balance of carbs, protein, and fat. It is a common misconception to stock up on just your carbs as it is the quickest source of energy, however, you should understand your body’s need for the right amount of fat, protein, and other nutrients at the same time.

So, what are the best snacks to take along on your next trail? Let’s find out.

Trail Mix and Nuts

Never underestimate the power of nuts! Nuts are considered as powerhouse snacks because they are an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates. Nuts also contain potassium - a key electrolyte that is lost in the body when it sweats.

Trail Mix on the other hand, is the next level from just the traditional nut option. Adding a bunch of dried fruits and seeds boosts the nutrient content of your snack. Always choose components that have good sources of healthy fats like pumpkin or sunflower seeds to protect the heart and help reduce body inflammation.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruit packs have many health benefits and contain multiple vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium to name a few. Dried fruits are also loaded with fructose which is a natural fruit sugar that gives fruit that nice sweet taste.

Nutrition/Energy Bars

Besides the fact that these snacks are handy and almost non-perishable, it has become the norm to pack these for a day or multi-day trip, and for good reason. They are packed with all the necessary nutrients needed for a quick energy boost. Nutrition bars are not meant to replace meals, but rather they act as 'fillers' in between meals. 

Dried Meat

We’re not talking about your typical cheapo petrol station beef jerky, but the healthier options. The natural and healthier option is broken down into simple ingredients: dried meat, herbs and spices. 

Dried meats are high in protein but low in fat with a long-term shelf life. If you are buying and not making your own, pay attention to the sodium content though, while it is good in small portions, sodium can be very bad for your health if consumed in large contents.  

Snack Plan

Ensure your planning includes your snacks!

Consider the distance, ascent, descent and duration of the trip and plan your snacks accordingly. Definitely take more than you think you will need as you will either consume the lot or have an excess which you could give to someone else in your group or a passer-by who may not have planned quite as well as you did...

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