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How to Cook Over an Open Fire

After a long day of hiking or nature tripping, there’s nothing better than a hot meal to satisfy your hunger but when you’re outdoors, but you don’t have access to a state-of-the-art kitchen! Knowing how to cook well over an open fire will prove to be very useful. Humankind has been cooking over open fires for thousands of years, but because of the convenience of modern cooking methods, many people find this ancient method quite complicated.

Cooking over an open fire can be simple and straightforward. Here are some tips that can help you make those delicious outdoor meals.

Find the Perfect Spot

The place where you build your fire is very important because you don’t want your dinner prep to cause a forest wildfire. Make sure that the area is clear of grass, loose dirt, tree roots, shrubs, and low-hanging branches. The 10-foot area surrounding your fire should be clear and unobstructed.

Build a Smaller Fire

Many people think that building a giant fire for cooking is the right way to go but you don’t really require a big fire. A smaller fire is easier to control and is much safer when prepping your meals and uses your fire wood sparingly.

Know the Different Cooking Methods

Skewering food right over an open flame is not the only way you can cook food. You can also barbecue, steam, or boil food depending on what cookware you are bringing with you.

If you are using a pot, you can use rocks to prop your pot over the fire so it is not directly touching the flames. Another method is to dig a small pit on the ground, build the fire inside the pit then use two thick branches to form a trench. You can use this trench to prop the pot over the coals your fire has created.

Use the Right Cookware

While it may seem obvious, it is still worthwhile to say that you should only use metal cookware. Keep plastic containers away from the fire and avoid pots and utensils with rubber handles.

Bring Aluminium Foil

If you don’t have any space to bring cookware, consider bringing aluminium foil with you. This is a convenient, easy to carry kitchen staple that can prove really useful. You can wrap food in aluminium foil then seal it closed and put over the grill or a trench. This will steam the food and will lessen the chances of food being burned. As long as you don’t tear the foil, you can even wash and reuse it again. Remember to dispose of the foil appropriately when you get home.

Cut Food in Smaller Pieces

When grilling, smaller pieces of meat will cook more evenly as opposed to big chunks which have the tendency to burn in the outside and stay raw on the inside. Even you’re making soup or stew using meat, smaller pieces will also cook much faster and will be tender.

Protect Yourself

Many people do not realize that you can get hurt while cooking on an open fire. Protect yourself by using long skewers when grilling, utensils with long handles and thick towels to handle hot pans.

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