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Quench Your Thirst for Adventure: Mastering the Art of Staying Hydrated on Your Next Expedition!

Staying hydrated while hiking or rafting on your trip to Africa is crucial due to the often intense heat and extra exertion. Here are some top tips:
  1. Drink plenty of water of course! Carry an adequate supply of water and drink regularly, even if you don't feel thirsty.

  2. Use electrolytes to replace salts: Consider electrolyte tablets, powder or drinks to replace salts lost through sweating.

  3. Hydration bladder or water bottles: Use a hydration bladder or multiple water bottles to ensure you have enough water for the duration of your hike. You must keep the tubes clean and free of bacteria.

  4. Schedule water breaks: Take short breaks to drink water regularly, especially during rest stops.

  5. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol: Stick to water or electrolyte drinks to avoid dehydration.

  6. Start hydrated: Begin your hike well-hydrated by drinking water before you start. A up or tea or coffee in the morning isn't enough.

  7. Cover up:  Wear light, breathable clothing to reduce sweating and water loss.

  8. Monitor urine color: Check your urine color – clear or light yellow indicates proper hydration.

  9. Avoid peak heat: Plan your hike during cooler parts of the day to reduce water loss through sweating.

  10. Acclimatisation: If you're not used to the heat, acclimatise gradually to avoid dehydration and heat-related illnesses.

Remember to listen to your body and adjust your hydration strategy accordingly.

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