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Do You Need a Multi-Tool for Your African Adventure?

In many travel guides and blogs about Africa, one recommendation that is very common is to bring a multi tool. For people who are not familiar with what a multi tool is, it is a compact device that has multiple functions.

Depending on the brand, the design and the functionalities also differ. However, most multi tool brands all have the basics like scissors, screwdrivers and knives. Other multi tools include corkscrew, nail file, blades, can opener, tweezers, wire cutters, and more. There are multi tools that even have more than 20 functions.

A lot of people are not really sure whether getting one is really necessary when going on an African venture. Is this actually something essential? While there are affordable multi tools in the market, the more popular brands with many functions do not really come cheap.

When going in an African adventure, or any outdoor activity for that matter, we at Africa Wild Trails do recommend taking a multi tool. There are many advantages in taking a multi-tool with you especially when hiking or going on a walking tour.

Very compact

Multi tools don’t take a lot of space. They are often pocket sized so you can take advantage of many functions without the added weight of various tools.

You can use it in first-aid and emergency situations

If you have a multi-tool with you, you can use it to remove splinters and thorns, cut laces or up bandages in case of any medical emergency. It is often dubbed as a life saver because in case you get lost in the wild, you can use it to help you make shelter and prepare food.

You can use it in food prep

Multi-tools can be used to slice and peel fruit, open cans and portion food when outdoors. You can also make a fish hook, as well as skin, gut, butcher and clean fish or meat you want to cook.

You can use it in shelter building

When you’re setting up a tent or a hammock, you can use a multi-tool to cut up rope. You can also use these to cut up shrubs if you want to surround your campsite with branches as well as twigs when looking for wood to build a campfire.

You can use it for repairs

Your multi tool could help you complete small repairs when you are overseas like maybe fixing your shoes, backpacks, zips or sunglasses.

How to Choose the Right Multi-Tool

When choosing a multi-tool, it does not really need to be the most expensive or the most high end. However, choosing a trusted brand will typically guarantee durability and reliability. Read reviews online to help you choose which one suits your budget.

Africa Wild Trails recommends you choose a multi-tool with blades and tools that can be locked, so that they don’t accidentally close and cause injury. We recommend you avoid pen knives that are not lockable as these have a tendency to close on your fingers if used incorrectly, this has resulted in injuries in during past expeditions. One brand that we recommend is the Leatherman multi-tool because each application on the knife is lockable and there is a very good variety for many applications and budgets.

If you want to learn more about wildlife and travelling to Africa, send us a message today. We’ll tell you all about how you can plan your adventure!

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