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There is no better way to understand the importance of conserving wild places than to immerse yourself in them, if only for a short while.”

Angus was very lucky to have travelled extensively as a young person and understood from an early age the value of combining adventure, experiential learning and peaceful reflection. These three things are always components in well planned and delivered African experiences that Angus and his team put together for their learning expeditions and tours.

Angus' first expedition to South Africa was prepared in 2002 and delivered in 2003 and was a huge success as have all the subsequent expeditions and ventures have been. Angus likes to include an element of learning in the areas of nature conservation, environmental awareness, cultural diversity and community engagement in all venture, where possible.

At the end of 2009 Angus formed Africa Wild Trails and the company now has key partners in Africa Angus has known and worked with for many years. All of the guides, expedition leaders and instructors that he works with are highly qualified and experienced field experts.

Angus has always felt that having leaders and guides who are resident in the country of operation is vital in terms of safety, risk management, logistical expertise, maintaining high standards and quality of learning and he will never rely solely on the UK leaders, no matter their skills and abilities.

With long term key partners in Africa, AWT has the ability to provide high level youth ventures, adult ventures, charity events, field studies, university level research, bespoke group ventures, and family holidays.

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