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Solar Charge Power Bank

These days your backpack can quickly fill up with heavy items of bulky tech so you need to consider what tech you pack and what you don't. Like most travellers, you are likely to want to use your mobile phone on a venture or expeditions for keeping in touch and taking photos. Harnessing the energy of the sun is a great and green way to generate the power you need to keep your phone charged. This is one tech item to pack!

The OLEBR portable solar charger gives maximum support in terms of re-charging when away from power source or outdoors and will charge 3 devices at a time.

The LED flashlight feature makes it a great little addition to solve light needs in the dark environment.

Big capacity: 24000mAh for outdoor use especially on camping trips and other similar occasions.

3 USB quick charging: 3 ports all of which can be used to charge simultaneously with 2A high-speed charging. Quick charging and suitable for almost all smartphones and tablets etc.

Solar: 8% conversion, which offers enough juice for emergency use when outdoors. It is advised to charge fully, before outdoors activities.

Small fans: Small USB fans included for cooling when it's hot and humid outside and you are without any other power source.

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