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100kms Desert Hike or Camel
Trek & Conservation Awareness

Morocco, North West Africa

This opportunity is exceptional. Beginning at a stunning kasbah, in an ancient village of only 80 families, your group has the choice of either an unassisted hike, camel-assisted hike, or camel riding trek into the incredibly beautiful region of the western Sahara. Our routes do not take us into extremely remote areas of 'the big empty',  you will never the less have an epic desert challenge, and one that will live in the memory for many years to come. 

desert hike
desert hike


This itinerary is 10 days, but we can extend the duration if needs be.

Day 1 Arrive Quarzazate airport/ transfer to the Kasbah/ settle in/ briefing

Day 2 Acclimatisation desert walk with day packs, 5kms out and back/ Flora and Fauna environmental awareness, today and during each day of the 6-day challenge

Day 3 Day 1 of the desert challenge/ 10kms today/ Old Quarry Route

Day 4 Day 2 of the desert challenge/ 15kms today/ Well Route

Day 5 Day 3 of the desert challenge/ 20kms today/ Community Route

Day 6 Day 4 of the desert challenge/ 20kms today/ High Dunes Route

Day 7 Day 5 of the desert challenge/ 20kms today/ Low Dunes Route

Day 8 Day 6 of the desert challenge/ 15kms today/ Home Run Route

Day 9 Transfer to Kasbah/ Personal admin/ Local community visit

Day 10 Transfer to Quarzazate airport for departure  


To walk amongst the dunes and wild places of the desert is an experience so incredible, it can never be forgotten. 

During this journey you will raise funds for your charity, make friends for life, and meet the wonderful people of this exceptional country.

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Group size Minimum of 8, Maximum of 40 

Accommodation Kasbah and desert wild camp

Catering For all dietary requirements & allergies 

Kit & Clothing A kit list will be published for the group

Terrain Sandy, gravelly, and occasionally stoney

Climate Seasonal. We will advise during initial discussions

Fitness Level An average level is required. Training schedule provided 

Transport All vehicles, and camels are provided

Guiding All guides are provided for the entire venture


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