Our programmes allow you learn about conservation through your experiences as you walk, hike and live in areas of South Africa that have been conserved. We have found that this is the best way to enjoy the wonders of South African wildlife and wild places and gain a ‘real’ understanding of why conservation is so vital and how these methods are put into practice.

Many conservation efforts are focused on anti-poaching. All of our programmes contain learning about conservation and environmental awareness but for those who would like more specific learning we are pleased to offer a 10 Day Anti Poaching Programme.

Walking Trails in Wilderness Areas

What is a Wilderness Area?

“wilderness is the highest level of conservation area, legally protected and where animal and plant species exist undisturbed by mankind. A truly wild place on earth where there are no vehicles, roads, houses or industry and where man can develop a relationship with nature should he wish to. Wilderness areas are a place for people to go to and learn experientially, for observing and quite reflection and for gaining a respect and an appreciation of nature.”

Angus Wingfield, Director AWT Ltd

At Africa Wild Trails Ltd we believe that it is not enough just to view a country and it’s wild places from a land rover but to become as much a part of it as possible during your stay. Whether you are in the bush veldt or the mountains, South Africa has so much to offer if you want to experience true wilderness and learn about how excellent conservation methods have preserved some of Africa’s precious environments.We can arrange for you to experience some of the most exceptional wildlife an wild areas that Sub Saharan Africa has to offer in Big 5 wilderness areas (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo) in the mountains and in many other incredibly beautiful places away from the land rovers, hustle, bustle and noise of tourist areas.

South Africa has an amazingly diverse range of landscapes to experience from bush veldt, open plains, rocky escarpments and mountains to long sandy beaches and mangroves. So make the most of your time in South Africa and view these places on foot with Africa Wild Trails Ltd and our extremely well qualified and passionate guides.

All of our programmes, leaders and guides have conservation as their foundation and in their hearts and are well equipped to pass this knowledge on through our experiential learning programmes.

  1. – WWF/ Black Rhino Conservation in the Kruger National Park
  2. – AWT/ Leopard Conservation science project
  3. – AWT/ World Heritage sites in South Africa
  4. – The challenge of conserving wildlife

– Join an anti poaching conversation

Experiencing the wild areas of South Africa is special enough but the impact that walking in a Big 5 area has on a person (young or otherwise) cannot ever be surpassed or forgotten. That is why we believe a Big 5 walking trail should, if at all possible, be a major element in every programme if you are to have the best opportunity to experience conservation efforts on a huge scale and to get the most from your time in Africa.

What is a wilderness trail?

  • 5 days and 4 nights walking in a Big 5 wilderness area with a small group (maximum 8 people) plus extremely well qualified rangers and trackers.
  • You will carry everything you need to survive in your back packs
  • There is no accommodation other than what nature provides.
  • You will make camp and sleep under the stars in a different site each night
  • There are no roads and no vehicles. Your routes will follow the animal trails
  • You will become a part of the environment for those precious days, not just an observer from a vehicle
  • The rivers will provide drinking water, bathing water and stunning camp sites where you can watch the wildlife come to drink
  • This is strictly ‘zero impact camping’. Take only pictures, leave only footprints!

We highly recommend having a trail of this nature in you programme as walking and hiking in these areas gives you the best possibly perspective and a genuine feeling of why the conservation of these wild places is so important.

Mountain Wilderness

Hike in the stunningly beautiful Drakensberg or Waterberg Mountains with your group or join with another group from Africa Wild Trails Ltd. The Drakensberg mountain range extends from northeast to southwest for around 1,125 km and is part of the Great Escarpment and the main watershed of South Africa.


Hiking in these mountains will be arranged around your previous experience and/or what you want from your time there. You can do day walks from very comfortable mountain accommodation or hike further in to remote wilderness areas and stay over night in caves where the Bushman of years passed lived.

Whether you are a complete novice to hiking, have hiked a reasonable amount or if you spend a lot of time in the mountains we can make a plan that suites everyone.

Many people go to the mountains simply to ‘be there’ and escape everyday life for a while which is fine too. These mountains are a great place to find solitude and your mountain guide will be happy to either hike hard with you every day or walk/ hike slowly and find pleasant places for quiet reflection and peace. Or both of course, it’s up to you…!

As you will see from the cultural section of our website the Drakensberg Mountains hold in their caves some of the worlds best preserved Bushman cave art. This alone is an excellent reason to visit these high places of the world and I would suggest that what ever reason you have for going to these mountains you must not leave without viewing for yourself this rock art that is many thousands of years old.

The mountain regions are home to a quarter of the indigenous wildlife in South Africa and you may well spot various eagles, vultures, a multitude of smaller birds, eland (the largest of all the antelope), grey rhebuck and mountain rhebuck, klipsringers, serval cats, jackal and baboons.